"Biuro Detektywistyczne Medard Stachera" (English: Medard Stachera Private Investigations Bureau) is a licensed provider of detective and commercial intelligence services. It was founded and is directly guided and supervised by Medard Stachera, a former police officer. Medard Stachera has an extensive experience in the management of the operational work of the police criminal investigation departments from positions of the Criminal Investigation Officer to the Head of Criminal Investigation Division, as well as a private investigator.

Since its founding, "Biuro Detektywistyczne Medard Stachera" effectively deals with the search for missing or hiding individuals, identification and verification of personal data, witnesses or evidence in domestic matters. It searches and recovers movable property and debts for natural or juridical persons and other organizations, as well as carries out services in the field of business intelligence.

Due to the often sensitive nature of accepted cases "Biuro Detektywistyczne Medard Stachera" provides its customers with complete discretion, availability and determination in action along with its highly courteous co-workers.

Our services are tailored to your needs. After the completion of the work we provide the customer a written report for further use. We are operating across Poland and other EU countries.

Bureau operates in accordance with the Act of 6 July 2001 on detective services. Due to the provision of these services it is covered by the Civil Liability Insurance.

"Biuro Detektywistyczne Medard Stachera" is a founding member of "Stowarzyszenie Detektywów i Agentów Ochrony" (English: Association of Private Investigators and Security Agents, SDAO).




Biuro Detektywistyczne Medard Stachera
44/31 Wielicka St.
Krakow 30-552, Poland

Phone: +48 602 194 330


Private Investigator's License № 0001593
Business License RD-73/2014
NIP: 6761564624
REGON: 123024985

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Private investigator (often abbreviated to PI and informally called a private eye), also a private detective or inquiry agent - a person who can be hired to undertake investigatory law services.